Surrey Tire & Wheel Service: How Tires Change the Look and Feel of Your Vehicle

Tires can change the look and feel of your vehicle, regardless of which model of car or truck you choose to drive. And at CJ Auto – our Surrey Tire and Wheel Service can help ensure you drive away satisfied with both the look and feel, without compromising on either!

How Tires Change the Look and Feel of Your Vehicle

Often times it is the mechanics of a vehicle that receive the most focus for maintenance and repairs. But your tires matter too, for more than just the esthetics.

Your tires deliver a variety of safety and performance benefits, and impact how your car operates. From fuel efficiency to road handling and beyond; your tire size, tread and pressure all matter. Here’s why…

The Importance of Tire Size

When it comes to tire size, diameter isn’t often thought of. However, the diameter of your tires assists in the performance of your vehicle. Larger tires deliver more driving stability for a fast moving vehicle – so long as the conditions allow. As well, they deliver a better stopping ability. That being said, keep in mind that larger tires are more difficult to turn, they tend to be louder and have a more “rough” ride.

The Impact of Tire Tread

The tread on your tires will determine your traction and braking. Large tires with a deep tread has a look that many vehicle owners enjoy; especially when used for off-roading or driving through mud, snow, sand etc. But as with the size of your tires, the tread also determines how loud and rough your ride might feel. So keep that in mind too.

The Value of Tire Pressure

Your tire pressure is something you can, and should, check regularly. It helps with the performance of your vehicle, both on the road as well as in your gas tank. Fuel efficiency is imperative with the high cost of fuel, and small efforts – like properly inflated tires, are an important factor that can help with that, while also improving safety.

Surrey Tire & Wheel Service

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Tires are what’s between you, your car, and the roadway. Rain, snow, black-ice, sand, mud and gravel will test your tires (and your safety).

Beware of commodity tires and inexperienced installers. CJ Auto Repairs will ask you questions about your needs and your driving style. We help you get the best tires at the best price to match with your requirements.

Regardless of if you are from Langley, Coquitlam – or any other neighbouring community, our Surrey Tire & Wheel Service is here to help you drive away safely, and within the model and seasonal tire that suits your lifestyle.

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