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The engine in your vehicle can be one of the most vulnerable and costly components.  The manufacturer of your car sets out the exact service and intervals for maintaining your engine. It is highly advisible to have such services done to prevent costly breakedowns, repairs and loss of fuel efficiency / performance.

When buying a used vehicle, always check the service history to ensure the engine has been correctly maintained.  Likewise, when selling your car, having a folder with all your service records will justify a better price.  Experience vehicle owners know that engine maintenance is crucial to reliable and perform-ant life of the car. 

How Often Should I Get My Engine Serviced?

As mentioned above, check the Owner’s Manual for your specific make and model. Or, give us a call.

Most common services include:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Air filter and fuel filter
  • Timing belt replacement (if it breaks, your engine can be fatally damaged)
  • Tune-up, adjustments and computer scanning

Today’s automotive engines are highly complex, operate within tight standards, are computer controlled and must be serviced by certified technicians.  The days of the back-yard mechanic are gone.

Aside from regular maintenance tasks and intervals, you may be experiencing problems with your engine.  Computerize diagnostics are a must to determine what needs to be fixed.

CJ Auto Repairs subscribes to all the latest information regarding all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. Our specialized tools and experienced technicians will diagnose any issues, hiccups or performance problems.


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