Muffler, Exhaust & Emissions Control Systems: Managing Your Vehicle’s Emissions

Emissions are regulated by all levels of government for a variety of things that impact the environment; including auto emissions. Which is where our Muffler, Exhaust & Emissions Control Systems services come in to help.

Here in BC – there are multiple expectations in regards to emission – as described here – one of which being Motor Vehicle Emissions Control Warranty Regulation

This prohibits the sale or the making available for sale of a motor vehicle in British Columbia unless the manufacturer promises to fix the vehicle free of charge if there are defects in materials or workmanship that cause the vehicle to fail emission standards.

That’s great as it pertains to newer model vehicles; but when it comes to older vehicles, their exhaust systems differ quite a bit from newer technology.

New vehicle are equipped with more complex systems that integrates Emissions Control Systems into the exhaust plumbing – such as sensors, computer controls, catalytic converters, turbo-chargers and other sub-systems. These shifts in technology have increased the expertise required to service these systems – and CJ Auto has kept up with the changing times to ensure we can help!

Muffler, Exhaust & Emissions Control Systems

As mentioned on our Muffler, Exhaust & Emissions Control Systems page

The emission control system in automobiles are designed to limit the discharge of noxious gases from the internal-combustion engine and other components. There are three main sources of these gases: the engine exhaust, the crankcase, and the fuel tank. Ultimately, a good exhaust system and a maintained emissions control system will keep your car running smoothly.

…and as mentioned, we can help manage and maintain that for you.

Additional Ways to Reduce Vehicle Emissions and Pollution in Canada

TFX International offers excellent advice on how to reduce vehicle emissions, including…

  1. Drive at a steady speed.
  2. Avoid idling for long periods of time.
  3. Properly maintain your vehicle.
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated.
  5. If you must drive, carpool as much as possible.
  6. Opt for a fuel-efficient vehicle.
  7. Reduce car air conditioner usage.
  8. Consider car shipping if you are moving.

Whether you are looking at buying an older model vehicle and require a pre-purchase inspection, or you are seeking an appointment for your Muffler, Exhaust & Emissions Control Systems – CJ Auto is here to help!

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