Brake Repair Service in Surrey: Top 6 Signs Your Brakes Need Servicing

At CJ Auto Repair, our brake repair service in Surrey can help to ensure your vehicle’s safety checks are in order. Failure to keep your brakes in good working condition can cause permanent damage to your vehicle – or worse, be the cause of an accident.

That being said; it can be difficult to know when you are in need of a brake service or repairs. Which we want to help you with via these most noticeable signs.

Top 6 Signs Your Brakes Need Servicing

There are a variety of indicators your vehicle may be in need of brake maintenance. These include:

  1. Brakes Squealing or Grinding. Which is often caused by the brake pads being worn down. This can happen anywhere between 40,000-100,000 km, depending on your driving habits. Without replacing the pads, you can cause damage to your rotors – which will involve a more costly repair service.
  1. Brake Pedal Depresses Further Down. This can indicate a leak in the brake hose or hydraulic system, causing the brakes to feel ‘soft’ and somewhat unresponsive.
  1. Vibrating Steering Wheel While Braking. Indicating warped rotors due to long periods of excessive brake use, which can cause your brakes to heat up and your brake pads to wear unevenly.
  1. Car Pulling to One Side When Braking. Which can be caused by either misaligned tires and your vehicle being in need of a wheel alignment, or due to debris in the hydraulic system.
  1. More force required on the brake pedal or it takes longer to stop your car
  1. Brake warning indicator lights up

Brake Repair Service in Surrey

Brake Repair Service in Surrey

At CJ Auto Repair, we are a family owned and operated auto repair service located in South Surrey. Our certified technicians specialize in brake services, as discussed on our Brake Services page…

When you need brake work, trust our trained technicians to do the best job at a very competitive price. We offer quality components with great pricing, only use parts that meet or exceed OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, and provide an industry leading warranty.

A complete brake service includes…

  • New brake pads
  • Brake fluid (as needed)
  • Brake rotors
  • Installation and testing by certified technicians
  • Caliper servicing (cleaning and lubricating of caliper slides)
  • Bleeding of brake fluid system

Brakes play a vital role in your vehicle’s safety and handling – especially in wet conditions, which is a common reality in the Lower Mainland. So having your brakes checked if they are showing any of the above 6 signs, is important to your safety and the safety of those you share the road with.

Feel free to contact us for a fast, no-obligation estimate at (604) 531-5282 or Book an Appointment to secure your brake service in South Surrey at your convenience!

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